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Model#: ARB-ALL.FG.170240.00
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AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw ALL.FG.170240.00

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Details & Specifications


AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw ALL.FG.170240.00


The AS170 offers extreme levels of precision, accuracy and control allowing the tool to be used for a wide range of applications from heritage masonry work to electrical installations.


Allsaw Technology
Engineered to significantly improve safety and efficiency when cutting brick walls, mortar and more.
Cut square, cut deep and cut with precision.
The Allsaw AS170 is ideal for Trade Professionals and DIY Enthusiasts, there is a number of specialised blade options for specialised trade applications.

Cut Dry. Cut Clean.
For the first time you can cut dry and cut clean at the same time. Inside jobs are now possible without the usual painstaking clean up time.

Powerful, heavy duty 1250 Watt motor. Long lasting motor life even in the toughest working environments. All AllSaw compatible blades have high quality Tungsten Carbide teeth that are also resharpenable.

The clever ergonomic design improves balance and control, whilst preventing dangerous and deadly kickbacks.
The unique patent cutting technology produces little airborne dust which creates a safer environment for the operator and bystanders.
The engineered design allows the operator clear visibility when cutting.


With a number of specialised Allsaw AS170 compatible blades available, including Wood Blades, Heritage Blades, Switchbox Blades, Headjoint Blades and more.
Please email to for the availability of the blades.




  • Cut Square - The AS170 cuts square openings with no over cutting. Surrounding brickwork can remain untouched, no bolstering or stitch drilling is required and job completion times can be reduced.

  • Cuts Deep - The AS170 is the only small handheld saw able to cut to a depth of 4 3/4”.

  • Cuts Safe - The AS170 provides superior operator safety. The inherently safe cutting action prevents kickback and is easy to control.

  • Plunge Cuts - Use the AS170 to cut directly into flush walls without stitch drilling.

  • Cuts Dry / Low Dust - This unique cutting technology creates very little flydust protecting the operator and creating a cleaner work environment.

  • High Visibility and Precision Cutting - The forward facing blades allow clear visibility when cutting making the AS170 the ideal tool whenever accuracy and precision is required.



Cutting depth/width: 4 3/4" (120mm) / 1/4" (6.5mm), depending on blade
Weight, with cutting blades: 4.3kg
Dimensions without blades: 450mm L x 75mm W x 240mm H
No load speed n0: 5100rpm
Dust extraction vacuum hose interface: suits vacuum hose with inner diameter of 1", 1-1/4", 1-1/2" or outer hose diameter 1-1/2"
Belt tension: 1/16" (1mm) maximum mid-span deflection with 2.5kg (25 N) deflection force
Blade mount bolt torque: 11.5 ft-lb (1.6 kg-m), 16 Nm


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AS170 Brick and Mortar Saw ALL.FG.170240.00

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